Pre-incident training reduces liability and can save lives.

Our motto Saving Lives Through Education™ defines our training mission – to teach the most effective skills that maximize safety while reducing liability under the law. Through a relentless pursuit of knowledge and an uncompromising commitment to teaching excellence, we developed some of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry. Our instructors have a proven track record of successfully training thousands of law-abiding citizens, elite War Fighters, Law Enforcement First Responders, security professionals, corporate executives, and celebrities for over three decades. Some of our law enforcement programs are Police Officer Standard Training (POST) approved. Our ACT Cert ® Mass Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival course is the only training program of its kind certified by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Training is not a game!

Our training methods are based on actual experience and we only teach reality-based, no-nonsense skills. All of the programs we teach are based on lessons learned from actual incidents and grounded in functional tactics. We have a frank “hype-free” approach to teaching following sound criteria:
We deliver our training in a blended format of Web-Based-Learning and Hands-On- Training. Training is available online 24/7 and delivered onsite at our facilities or at the client’s location. To maintain the highest safety and quality of instructions we keep class sizes to a minimum. Our training is designed to enhance, complete, and complement previous training. We can develop custom training programs and can deliver training online or at the client location. If you are interested in hosting a course, please let us know. Please select from the training you are looking for from the list of our training program websites below:
www.Hisardut.com – Personal Protection Training – unarmed combative, edged weapons survival, self defense
www.ACTCERT.com – Attack Countermeasures Training – extreme violence prevention and active shooter survival
www.TacticalACT.com – Terrorism Survival Training – bombing prevention, kidnapping avoidance, terrorism response
www.TacticalPistol.com – Advanced Firearm Training – armed combat, firearm tactics, home defense, family protection
www.CCWprotection.com – Concealed Carry Weapon Training – state license, legal carry, gun safety, defensive shooting
www.CorporateSafety.com – Business Security Training – travel safety, counterespionage, workplace violence prevention
www.TerrorismResponder.com – First Responders Training – rapid response to dynamic threat, active shooter interdiction
www.CounterTerrorismTactics.com – Advanced Tactical Training – tubular assault, high risk warrants, hostage rescue
www.DignitaryProtectionTraining.com – Bodyguard Training Academy – professional security and protective operations

We are experts at training the most important component of every security program - the people it is intended to protect.