Tragedy can strike anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Whether it is intentional act, an accident, or a natural disaster, the results are all too common — trauma and loss of life, lawsuits, property damage, loss of business and reputation. Failure to plan is planning to fail and results in increased liability that could cost you millions. Every organization, large or small, must have a master security and emergency plan in place. Our consultancy team is comprised of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in a variety of disciplines. Expertise ranges from threat and vulnerability assessment, policy and procedures development, emergency management and contingency planning, system design, perimeter protection, intrusion detection, information security, travel safety, and much more. Using proprietary knowhow our consultants conduct comprehensive assessments that cover the following:

At the conclusion of the information gathering and analysis phase we produce a report containing our findings and recommendations for controlling, preventing, or transferring the risk as required. This report includes a presentation of client-specific risk mitigation strategies and cost-and-benefit options based on current and future resource requirements. A carefully appraised and prioritized listing of unit prices for labor and materials that can serve as the basis for a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is also provided with a step-by-step prioritized implementation plan. We work closely with management to develop an effective master security plan and assist with the implementation.
We apply the same high standards used to protect critical infrastructures and embassies, to protecting our clients. Our Services Include:

Government Security Grants Consulting

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Infrastructure Protection has designated religious schools and places of worship as a priority. Funds have been specifically allocated to help mitigate risks and reduce vulnerabilities at these locations. All religious facilities are eligible for the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Grant. To comply with funding requirements, organizations requesting a grant must demonstrate specific needs and present a cohesive implementation plan for the utilization of the funds to improve their security posture. This application process must be supported by a comprehensive vulnerability analysis and threat assessment by a professional security consultant. Our team has extensive experience assessing the security risks and needs of Houses of Worship (HoW) and Fate Based Organizations (FBO). We have helped numerous institutions successfully apply for and receive significant awards from State and Federal government grants to upgrade their security.

We have extensive experience enabling stakeholders to take preventive steps to control, reduce, prevent, or transfer risk, as necessary.